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setting up email on your iPhone

Set up your email account the same way as for your Mac OSX, with the following additional SMTP settings

  1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  2. Tap the Mail account for which you would like to change the settings. If your account is configured using any of the built-in presets, IMAP, or Exchange, you may need to tap Account Info on the following screen as well.
  3. On the Account Info screen, locate the Outgoing Mail Server section and tap the existing SMTP entry.
  4. A list of SMTP servers will appear, with the Primary Server and then Other SMTP Servers. Tap Add Server under Other SMTP Servers.
  5. Enter the additional SMTP server information as follows.
  6. The Hostname must be your hosting account domain name:
    Hostname: yourdomain.com.au
  7. The username must be the root account user as per your hosting account documentation:
    Username: accountname
  8. And the Password must be the root account password, not your email account password
    Password: password
  9. Save the settings. You will then have to configure the following manually:
  10. Use SSL: OFF
  11. Authentication: Password
  12. Server Port: 587
  13. Tap Save.
You can use nearly the same steps as above to either turn on or off, or to remove* an existing SMTP server, selecting the SMTP server you wish to adjust instead of selecting Add Server. Additional Information * If an SMTP server is being used as a Primary SMTP server by any account, it cannot be deleted without removing that account. Instead, disable the server.